What happens when the bullets stop flying.

For many players just fighting out the action is not enough. We want to know what happens to the various people after the bullets have stopped. In many cases this means determining whether your favourite character has finally bought the farm or got of with just a flesh wound. What happens to the survivors, especially the victors will get played out in further games.

I am not a great believer in an experience system which allows for constant improvement. If you wish to allow your characters to improve, do it with caution, maybe adding a new skill every once in a while, especially after attempting something heroic in a game. I am not going to to add an improvement system to Blaze of Glory, that is not to say you shouldn't, it just doesn't suit my style of game, I'm not interested in creating an Ubercowboy.

I'm not dead, I'm getting better!

If you wish to decide what happened to the people who were shot during the action you could use the following :

For each figure that went Out Of Action roll once on the following table. For figures that were wounded, but not OOA roll a d6 on a 1-3 they recover fully, on a 4-6 they went OOA roll on the table below.

Serious Injuries

D6 Roll         Details

  1. Full Recovery (tis but a scratch)

  2. Flesh Wound (Reduce stats in next game by d3)

  3. Light Wound (Reduce stats by d3 permanently)

  4. Heavy Wound (Reduce stats by d6 permanently)

  5. Dead (Say no more, sorry!)

  6. Really Dead (Bit like the above but more so)

You can of course add other elements to this chart, do what feels right. Badguys who get shot and left in town by their comrades are most likely to be caught and put in jail or worse lynched. Both of these possibilities lend themselves to some good rescue scenario ideas