The aesthetics of a wargame are very important to me. There are few things more satisfying, (In wargaming terms!!) than playing with well painted figures on an attractive, unique table.

2017 games of Blaze of Glory will be played out in  A Town Called Persistence.  Like Angel Creek before it, it will be a scratch built setting and is based on the same principles of aesthetically pleasing and practical to game with. I am finding 40mm to be an interesting challenge, you can be more detailed in many cases, but finding components is not as easy. In the SCENERY GALLERY I will include WIP photos as well as the finished models.

 I am enjoying this 40mm project, for a number of reasons. Primarily there is not much available in the way of comercially produced 40mm scenery, which is great for me as I love to scratch build and make something unique. When I first started on Blaze of Glory you could buy a few resin Western buildings but not much else, so from the onset I made my own. These days you could go online or to a big show and buy an entire town of beautifully designed and laser cut MDF buildings and for not stupid money either and hey presto instant Wild West. Now I have nothing against that in many ways, if nothing else it means new players can get going straight away, it's just not for me. I love to think about my models, sit and watch movies, scour original photos and try to come up with something that works for me.

For those interested in my 2001 28mm Western buildings, you may visit the Scenery Archive and see what I have progressed from.

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