Creating your own posse

In most games of Blaze of Glory we usually have a games master, someone who sets up the scenario and chooses the different protagonists. However it is possible to create gangs to fight equal battles. You can use the following as a guide to a new GM to create balanced forces or for players who wish to pick even gangs.

The best way to choose a gang is to settle on a level limit. That is to say that two players agree to select gangs where the total number of levels does not exceed a certain number. A level limit of 12, will usually give a game lasting up to an hour and a half. When you have set a Level limit you must select the figures you are going to use and give each one a level. Levels go from 1 - 4, Level 1 being normal Level 4 being an exceptional hero. Each character is the given a set of Statistics.

                Shoot   Fisticuffs  Reflexes   Nerve   

A Level 1 character will have stats of:


A Level 2 character has Level 1 stats with two increases made. So might look like this: 

 SFR4  N3

A Level 3 character has Level 1 stats with four increases:


A Level 4 character has Level 1 stats with six increases:


It is also possible for a level one character, to lower a starting stat by one to increase a another one by one. This does allow for a little more 'character' but also has inherent risks due to the recovery rules (see the main rules under HERO points) An adjusted Level 1 Character might look like this:



A Level 12 gang may look like this:

The Wrightson Faction

Lvl 4.  Grizzly John Malone:    

S6  FRN4

Lvl 3.  Colt Clayden:             


Lvl 2.  Curly Bill:                   


Lvl 2.  Gentleman Joe Soap:   


Lvl 1.  Davy Boy:                 

S4  FRN3

This is a real gang, used in some of our games including the game detailed in the Angel Creek Tribune edition CHAOS REIGNS IN ANGEL CREEK, Check it out to see how they got on.


To make your gang members more individual you can give them skills. The full rules for using skills can be found in the main rules. But to sum up; a Level 1 character has 0 skills, a Level 2 character has 1, a Level 3 character has 2 and a Level 4 character has 3. They may be chosen from the different skill areas, obviously having a high ability will help when making skill tests.


Hero Points are a key element to Blaze of Glory as they can be used for so many things, including save your life. Characters get a set number of Hero points equal to double their level.


Equipment is the last area to consider. At present there are no rules for purchasing weapons, (they will probably come though so keep an eye open). I tend to choose the figures for their look what they are armed with is a secondary concern. I do normally try to get a balance of weapons between gangs, e.g. a similar number of rifles or shotguns. A game where one gang is all armed with rifles against one without would probably be over pretty quickly.

We use figures on a strict WYSIWYG basis. (What You See Is What You Get) If the figure only has one pistol then its only go one pistol, if it doesn't have a rifle, it doesn't have a rifle, get it? Obviously in your games if you wish to come to some agreement before play starts about what characters are armed with then great, but we have found that if the figure isn't carrying a specific weapon you tend to forget he's got it.