Blaze of Glory is a miniature based game  designed originally for 28mm figures. My latest collection of figures, however, is made up of 40mm figures. I have found that 40mm is an excellent scale for games that only involve a handfull of figures on each side. It is not necessary to have masses of figures to start with as a game could consist of as few as 6-8 figures. This meant the initial outlay was minimal and we were able to start to play with painted figures very quickly.

40mm gaming does come with some obstacles. It is a niche scale, there are many manufacturers of 28mm figures that are suitable for Wild West games; Foundry, Artizan, Dixon, Black Scorpion, Knuckleduster, Crusade to name but a few. Manufacturers of 40mm are harder to find. There are considerably fewer 40mm manufacturers (in some ways this is fine, I have enjoyed the challenge of building this collection) and if the hassle is not worth it for you go with 28mm. My collection is made up of figures from Eureka and Knuckleduster (both current ranges) and then HLBSCo figures (available from Caliver Games) and Graven Images (which were available from Monolith Design, I had to ask very nicely to get some ). Conveniently 40mm is the ame size as British O gauge and I have found some great models from railway model suppliers, especially civilians.


For links to a number of good figure suppliers go to the links page.